Market at East End, a pop-up shop located in McKinney, TX


Businesses are born from a myriad of circumstances. Nine years ago when Robert, my mother Luann, and I opened Patina Green Home and Market, it was our response to a great tragedy in our lives. You can read more about that HERE.

The idea for a new side hustle, East End Salvage Ltd. Co. and a unique shopping event, Market at East End, has been a constant thought in my mind for a long time. It began as an itch to create a larger footprint outside the four walls of PGHM; and grew into a desire to merge my interior design roots with my passion for beautiful old things.

Acquisition of a historic barn in East McKinney coincided with an opportunity to shop the English countryside, and so it began. It may not have been the perfect time (hello 100 degree Texas summer), but it was the “right” time.

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." -- Bruce Garrabrandt

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Robert and I shopped for almost two full weeks in the countryside villages located in Southern and Eastern UK. See my Instagram HERE for stories of our travel.

Once home, we began assembling a team of vendors to join us in our first Market at East End. The preparations gave us something to do while we held our breath, waiting for word that our container had indeed made it here. For anyone in the European antiques business, you know exactly what I mean, right? There are ZERO knowns and a million unknowns when treasures are crossing the Atlantic, which makes them even more special when they arrive.

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This is my A-Team, the best of the best. Our first Market at East End would not have been a success if it wasn’t for them.

From left to right: McKinney dealers Becca Masters with Mish Mash, Kristen Barstad with The Screenery, Luann Van Winckel & Kaci Lyford with Patina Green Home and Market, Dallas artist Jason McDaniel with Missing Q Press , and Steve Wiman & Daniel Schmidt with Uncommon Objects, located in Austin.


Marketing flyers for the event were designed by Jason with Missing Q Press . . . the inspiration for the letterpress design came from these antique auction posters. It is always special when you find antique paper ephemera, as they rarely survive. These posters were first drafts that were not found until recently, when they were discovered in an abandoned warehouse located on the seashore near Brighton, UK.

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In design school, I was taught that a good entrance needed a focal point, something that stops your eye from seeing the entire space at once. It keeps you interested and wanting to see more. In a large open space that is sometimes hard to achieve, but not when you have a set of eleven foot tall antique doors that were found in Morocco!

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I first saw a ladder being used as a shelf at an Airbnb that was once a well house on a horse farm. This old building had been transformed into a magical space, and the decoration was impeccable. Inspired by the idea, I kept my eye out for unique ladders during our travels, and was lucky enough to find not one, but two, of these French painter’s ladders at an antique fair in Ardingly, UK. We added old Belgium scaffold boards to act as shelves, and the pairing completed the look. I would love to see this ladder shelf used as a furniture piece in an all white modern space, wouldn’t you?

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When my friend and photographer, Melinda Ortley, asked me what my favorite section of the Market was, I walked here. It’s a corner filled with all the things that take my breath away: a salvaged fireplace mantel with accents of the sweetest French blue paint, reclaimed marble remnants that had been naturally honed due to their age, old bevelled subway tiles that was once installed on cottage bathroom walls, and salvaged window frames that were ready for a new home. I envision each of these pieces becoming the focal point to a newly designed space.

Pictured: That’s Me! Kaci Lyford, interior designer, owner of East End Salvage, co-owner of Patina Green Home & Market, and organizer of the Market at East End.

Mish Mash and The Screenery paired up to create vibrant displays full of bohemian-modern vibes. Vintage silk screens hung as beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art, and mid-century furniture pieces added style. Becca with Mish Mash brought her green thumb and added life to the otherwise drab space with her selection of house plants.

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We wanted the sold-out Preview Party (held Friday) to feel like an evening stroll through a street market in London. One hundred and fifty guests shopped our vintage collections while enjoying the soulful sounds of musician Angel White. My husband, Chef Robert made tacos to order while popcorn snacks, seasonal veggies, sides and salads were being enjoyed. The open bar stayed busy all night serving up our signature lemonade cocktail, new-age packaging of canned white wine, rose, cider, and locally crafted beer.

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Pictured: Kristen, the owner of The Screenery, helping a customer find a perfect match. Her broad collection of these vintage silk printing screens ranged in size, color, and age. The pieces framed in wood were some of the oldest and and some of my personal favorites.

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I was honored to have my personal friend, business mentor, and found objects artist, Steve Wiman as a vendor. He is most known for his incredible styling and fabulous collection of antiques at his shop, Uncommon Objects located in Austin, TX. The shop has become an institution, a long time favorite for 28 years. As I had hoped, Steve and accompanying Uncommon Objects dealer, Daniel Schmidt brought some truly unique pieces. I was amazed to watch how they grouped items into color stories. Their installations added personality and character to all of our displays.

Letterpress is really a lost art these days, but no one does it better than local artist and Dallas shop owner, Jason McDaniel. If you ever have a chance to see inside his studio at Missing Q Press, you must. He has a collection of seven antique letterpress and engraving presses, it is an exciting experience to see them at work. At the Market, Jason offered his signature line of handmade luxury stationary, greeting cards, and gift tags . . . but if you need something custom-made, like invitations and business cards, that is his speciality.

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The Market at East End was a huge success! I will never forget opening the barn doors on Saturday morning to hundreds of attendees searching for their own treasures. By the end of the day, the shelves were looking empty and boldly printed sold stickers covered the majority of price tags.

So, we have decided to do it again! Robert and I have booked our trip back England, and this time we will be heading to one of the largest antique markets in the UK; weaving our way through the countryside villages of the Cotswolds and Wales to shop antique centers and scour reclamation yards.

Our container should arrive some time in November (fingers crossed) and we will be joined again by local makers and our family of vendors for a special Holiday Market at East End in early December. Until then, make sure you are a part of the East End Newsletter to receive the official invitation. Join the List HERE.

On a side note, if you have regret not scooping up that special piece, Shop Online. You don’t want to miss out on a treasure twice.

Until next time!

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Particulars of Sale for July Market at East End
Kaci Lyford with Patina Green Home and Market
Steve Wiman & Daniel Schmidt with Uncommon Objects
Jason McDaniel with Missing Q Press
Kristen Barstad with The Screenery
Becca Masters with Mish Mash
Pamela Thibodeaux aka Deaux Baker