We are Robert and Kaci Lyford, a husband and wife working on our third small business together. We live in the historic district of McKinney, TX in a tiny house we are renting while we convert a 100-year-old industrial barn into our home.

Many of you know us as the owners of Patina Green Home and Market. I'm the designer and Robert is the chef. Patina Green is now celebrating nine years on the historic McKinney town square, and we love the deep roots we have planted in our Texas community. We're both creatives though, and ready to expand into something new; a ‘side hustle’ as they call it.

East End Salvage began out of a true love, a real passion for beautiful things. As an interior designer, I am always looking for items that are truly unique and will become the centerpiece of a room. Incorporating reclaimed architectural salvage, aka “old house parts”, into a newly designed space adds instant character.

Salvaged pieces like floor tiles that were laid in century old sanctuaries, cast iron windows that once filtered light into industrial buildings, and 16th century cupboard doors saved from a French chateau are the items that make my heart race. And it's items like these that I'll be on the lookout for when we travel to Europe twice a year.

Thank you for joining us on our new adventure. I'm challenging my design eye and am determined to curate my best collection yet...just for you.

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